CHO Airport: Up, Up, and Away!

April 6th, 2016

Big things are happening at CHO Airport. Our terminal improvement project is nearing its completion and our passengers are now able to take advantage of many of the new amenities being offered. These upgrades include things like new-and-improved restroom facilities, nursing lounges for mothers, a new retail shop, plus a new restaurant and bar area – with even more on the way in 2016! All of these improvements are being made with the travel experience of the passengers in mind. And in 2015, more passengers than ever before started enjoying these new features, as CHO Airport had its highest passenger traffic number of all time!

1027-Night-CHONearly 550,000 (549,521 to be specific) arrivals and departures were recorded in 2015, which not only surpassed the previous record for passenger traffic achieved just the year before, but it also became the first time CHO Airport has ever served more than half a million passengers in one single year.  2015 also marked the third consecutive year of record-setting passenger traffic at CHO Airport! But the good news continues…

Digging a little bit deeper, CHO Airport has seen a whopping 63% increase in passenger traffic since 2008. That means that 211,584 more passengers were served at CHO Airport in 2015 versus 2008. With numbers like that, it should come as no surprise that CHO Airport serves as a major economic engine for this region, contributing more than $128 million in economic activity – and it does all of this without one single penny coming from local tax dollars. With higher numbers of passengers flying in and out, that economic impact will only continue to increase.

Of course, none of this would possible without you, the passenger. So all of us here at CHO Airport want to thank you for supporting and flying with your local airport, as we continue to go up, up, and away! We look forward to seeing all that 2016 has in store and we can’t wait for you to come along for the ride. Go CHO!