There’s Always a Reason to Check CHO First

It’s easy to forget that comfort and convenience are an option when you’re traveling because most other airports don’t provide you that choice. Don’t let a long drive to the airport and a long wait in security lines put a damper on the start of your trip. Make sure you plan for convenience and Check CHO First.

Competitive Prices

We don’t always have the lowest price but we’re usually competitive. Factor in the hidden costs of flying from those other airports (driving, parking, wasted time, etc.) and we’re the best deal in town.

Shorter Drive Time

Spend 80% less time driving. Residents of Central Virginia that fly other airports in Virginia often spend as much as 4 hours driving to and from the airport. We don’t think you should have to make a trip to take a trip.

Ample Parking

There are no shuttles or long walks to the terminal. At CHO we have plenty of parking and it’s all conveniently located.

Major Connections

CHO is a convenient way to connect to any point on the globe. We have non-stop flights to six major hubs: Chicago, La Guardia, Dulles, Atlanta, and Charlotte.

Free Wi-Fi

100% free WiFi just like it should be. You don’t have to get here too early, but you’ll want to, and use all the time you’ll save getting to the gate on getting things done.

Fast Security Check

Getting through security doesn’t have to be a mess! Don’t stress yourself out with the endless lines that other airports offer. Spend less time in line and more time relaxing or using our free WiFi.

Local Flavor

When you fly into Central Virginia, you should feel like you’re flying into the home of Thomas Jefferson. Our lobby is designed after the Rotunda at UVA. Welcome home.