Location Flat Rate*
National Ground Intelligence Center $17.00
John Paul Jones Arena $25.00
Darden School $25.00
Boar’s Head Inn $30.00
UVA Hospital $25.00
Downtown Charlottesville $25.00
UVA Grounds $25.00
MJH Hospital $30.00
Monticello $35.00
PVCC $35.00
Keswick Golf Course $40.00
Scottsville $60.00
Lake Monticello $60.00
Zions Crossroads $60.00
Waynesboro $80.00
Lovingston $90.00
Staunton $90.00
Amherst $110.00
James Madison University Convocation Center $130.00

*Fares listed above apply only to taxi service starting at the airport and ending at one of the flat-rate locations

*Fares are subject to change without prior notice

*In the event of inclement weather, flat rates will be increased 1.5%

If you are inconvenienced while being transported to and from Charlottesville Albemarle Airport, please provide us with your name, date/time of travel and Commercial Vehicle Operator’s name along with the name and number of the vehicle. During normal business hours, call 434-973-8342 or Airport police at 434-981-4152.

Taxi Services

Yellow Cab of Charlottesville is a contracted provider of ground transportation for the Charlottesville Albemarle Airport Authority.

Yellow Cab of Charlottesville Contact Info

Call: 434-295-4131
Email: info@cvilletaxi.com

Regular Meter Rates

Yellow Cab will use regular meter fares for trips not to a special flat rate zone. Fares will not exceed the metered rate. Regular meter rates are the following:

  • $2.00 1st 1/10 Mile or Fraction Thereof
  • $0.40 Each 1/6 Mile or Fraction Thereof
  • $0.40 Each Minute or Fraction Thereof